Manager of Human Resources

Company Name:
ER Family of Companies
JOB TITLE: Manager of Human Resources
DEPARTMENT: Human Resources
Job Summary
Responsible for the day-to-day implementation of policies and procedures in the areas of employee relations, compensation & benefits, performance management, training & development, payroll management, organizational development, and monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Company's legal obligations as to the FMLA, ADA, EEO/Affirmative Action, Worker's Compensation, Unemployment, and other employment laws. Acts as a partner with management to find and implement proactive solutions to problems. Keeps up-to-date with HR thinking and innovative ways of doing business to support development and maintenance of a highly qualified and versatile workforce.
Job Results & Essential Functions
1.Recruiting System that Ensures Identification of the Candidate of Choice
Ensures a professionally administered staffing process which includes appropriate responses to applications and inquiries; a carefully planned interview schedule; prepared interview team; managers focused on the task of selection; and notification to candidates when a selection decision has been reached.
Determines the most effective mechanism (both in cost and quality) to attract qualified applicants for each position. Drafts postings and other notices when appropriate and ensures placement. Monitors against costs, effectiveness, and the ability to attract a diverse pool of candidates.
Develops and maintains strong relationships with recruitment sources (e.g. private employment agencies, professional societies, federal and state employment agencies, colleges and universities, and other entities that are sources for high quality talent.)
Conducts employment interviews that focus on behaviors and results necessary for successful job performance. Adequately sells the organization to the prospective employee, as well as the possible downsides to employment (realistic job previews). Maintains interview notes for each candidate.
Builds the employer's brand through building college & community relations, on campus recruiting and internship programs, community and industry job fairs, local and national recruiting agencies, online job posting sources, and community and professional organizations.
Ensures closeout of recruiting activities, including coordination with Administrative office to makes sure all pre-hire requirements are completed. Records are complete and ready for affirmative action plan preparation.
2.Trusted Coach & Advisor
Demonstrates credibility by understanding the goals of the leaders he/she supports, their priorities, and the issues that concern them. Offers suggestions on people strategies that could improve performance in their areas.
Facilitates HR policy & process updates by ensuring compliance, understanding, and appropriateness. Communicates policies and practices to ensure employee and leader understanding. Provides interpretations as needed and drives consistency. Ensures that end products do not compromise HR management principles or the goals of the organization.
Serves as a resource for employees when their needs cannot be met through their managers by representing employee opinions on policy issues, facilitating resolution of conflict between an employee and his/her manager, or providing advice/counsel to individual employees.
3.Employment Problems Prevented & Resolved
Counsels management on employee performance, including disciplinary actions ensuring consistency and adherence to policies. Reviews and participates in delivering performance improvement plans as needed. Provides assistance to managers in conducting appropriate disciplinary interventions and terminations. Ensures terminations are carried out appropriately.
Intervenes in sensitive areas that cannot be handled as effectively and without legal risk by line management (e.g. harassment cases, management abuse, human rights situations, illegal acts by employees, complex medical leaves, requests for accommodations, and drug screening activities impacting employee status and labor law compliance.) Drafts responses to formal complaints and reviews with legal counsel.
Processes employee separations, ensuring procedural elements are completed and required documents issued and or/obtained. Conducts exit interviews for voluntary employee separations.
Monitors external changes in law, policies, and practices to define and confront risk to employees and the organization. Communicates labor law requirements to managers effectively and identifies potential risks.
Ensures compliance with various governmental regulations affecting labor, i.e., Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Age Discrimination Act, Equal Pay Act, Rehabilitation Act, National Labor Relations Act, and other significant articles of legislation. Ensures required postings are up to date.
4.HR System Implemented Effectively
Functions as the interface between the HR Administrative office and the site to communicate employee status changes and ensure the effective implementation and communications of pay and benefits.
Ensures that job descriptions are reviewed and revised as business requirements change.
Plans, coordinates, and administers the organization's compensation program. Ensures that modification of existing employee compensation plans, salary structure tables, and individual wage adjustment forms are processed through payroll. Recommends policy and benefit changes to administration as appropriate.
Ensures that all mandatory/compliance related training is implemented.
Ensures the maintenance of all personnel records kept on site. Tracks license renewals and ensure up-to-date credentials are available as required.
Monitors changes to accreditation (e.g. JCAHO), and other regulatory bodies and recommends changes to ensure HR practices support requirements.
Manages employee recognition programs and practices.
Position Qualifications
Education & Experience
Bachelor's degree required in Human Resources or a related field. Five (5) years progressive, exempt-level generalist experience in human resources administration in healthcare; including all levels of recruiting, compensation administration, employee relations, employment law, and change management.
Must have strong computer skills and the ability to prepare written communications.
Working knowledge of Federal and State regulations affecting compensation, benefits, recruitment and employee relations programs (e.g. ERISA, FLSA, FMLA, ADA and the like)
Proficient in the use of social media tools for sourcing candidates inclusive of LinkedIn, Company website, and industry/campus websites.
Proven ability to interact in timely, constructive/positive manner with employees and the leadership team.
Physical Demands
In a professional office setting, the employee will frequently perform repetitive tasks, sit for long periods of time and occasionally stand and walk short distances.
Mental Demands
This position requires independent thinking. The levels of stress that will be encountered are usually moderate but on occasion stress levels can be elevated.
The Manager of Human Resources will interact with all employees, the public, external organizations and other employers.
Work Conditions
A well-lit professional office setting with ergonomic aides

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